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Case Studies

01 - Project

Improve Profitability

Engaged with owner who was having difficulty acheiving financials targets that were in line with industry norms. He wanted to be better than average but was unable to reach the mid range. Keen Insight was able to work with his operations team to find the weak areas that directly impacted their performance.
02 - Project

Exit Strategy

The founder and sole owner was trying to sell his business. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the pricipals of Keen Insight were able to deliver a plan that allowed the owner to achieve his desired outcome of selling his business and retiring.
03 - Project

Partnership Resolution

A founder had taken on a partner who had different ideas of running the business. This was both operational and cultural. The culture was the major issue. Keen Insight assisted in resolving the issue with a respectful separation.
04 - Project

Team Performance

The entrepreneur felt his team was not performing up to their potential. It all looked good on paper and they had the right experience. Keen Insight helped identify the primary issue, a lack of team leadership. This required replacing the team leader, not the individual contributors. As is often the case, the owner was unaware of the real situation.

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