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Our Team

John C. Larson

Principal Consultant

John provides insight for entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience working for 3 different company founders before acquiring and building his own company with a partner. He has a unique perspective having been the number two executive in each of the three companies. John and his partner recently sold their company. All of these companies are in the contract staffing industry. Previously, John held various sales positions in the technology industry, starting as a territory sales rep and rising to be the Vice President of Sales of a F500 technology company.

Mark Aylward

Principal Consultant

Mark is the founder of 7 Pillars, LLC located in Orlando, Florida. Mark says “whether your next thing is a new job or your first venture into self-employment, I can guide you quicker and less painfully toward your goals.”

In addition to 7 Pillars, Mr. Aylward recently became the Director of Affiliate Marketing for Inspired Performance Institute. The Institute has created a cutting-edge scientific program to help you heal from the limiting effects of trauma, so you can feel and perform at your best. A revolutionary approach to performance improvement referred to as TIPP (The Inspired Performance Program) AKA "Neuro XP". Let me know if you'd like to hear more at mark@inspiredperformanceinstitute.com

Mark is also the Principal of Lucid Technical Solutions where he helps people find meaningful work. Whether you are starting your career or in a transition phase, he can assist you along the path as he has with hundreds during his career.

Mark has extensive experience as an entrepreneur in the IT Staffing arena. As a Principal in I-Tech Solutions, Inc. he started a self-funded technical staffing company with a partner from scratch. They grew the organization to over $10 million in annual revenue before selling to Strategic Staffing Solutions in January of 2006. Mark had hands-on operational, recruiting, marketing, training and business development roles during the growth.

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